Wasted Opportunity

For the last six months, I’ve been photographing my compost. Actually, my wannabe-compost. A strange thing to do, I’ll admit. Maybe the weirdest side project I’ve ever done. But these unusual photos tell… Continue reading

How to win a month’s supply of free food for the homeless

You might have noticed that things got a little quiet around Foodbaby Bay lately. I’ve been busy getting my learn on in some classes at General Assembly, on top of my fulltime gig. And in… Continue reading

Family Style

Wow, over the last couple months, my life has been consumed by the awesome User Experience course that I’m taking, so I have definitely dropped the ball on reporting about the incredible edibles… Continue reading

Got it Covered

Tonight was a Foodbaby Bay adventure on two counts: 1) trying out this delicious-sounding bar & small plates joint on Embarcadero in SF, and checking out this new app called Cover. What does… Continue reading

Burmese doppelganger FTW

There’s this one story on This American life about how an employee from a restaurant quits and goes up the street and opens up another restaurant almost identical to their former workplace. Everything… Continue reading

No. Really.

Is it gonna be cheap? Nope. Is it gonna be good? Maybe. My friend V recently invited me to fill the spot in her reservation at NoPa that a friend dropped out of.… Continue reading

Cacao the cacao

I love surprises. Sublimely. So I was supremely excited a couple weeks ago when my sweet thang told me to block off the evening of Monday 8/4 for a special date. I didn’t… Continue reading

Ja Hotness

  The first time I had Korean food, I was wrapped in a thin, damp cotton robe. I’d just emerged from a swirling 104-degree whirlpool and immediately doused myself with a couple buckets… Continue reading

Waffle Me Crazy

Holy crap, get ready for some life-changing food heaven right here. So, ever since I got my waffle iron, I’ve been wanting to waffle the hell out of as many things as possible,… Continue reading

Dreamy Napa Napping

For the 4th of July holiday weekend, Foodbaby Bay hit the road and checked out something I know nothing about: Wine Country. It was my second date with a Cutie that I was… Continue reading

Vegan Gracias

In the spring of 2012 I embarked on one of the hardest things I’ve ever done: a food detox. For 21 days, I joined my two friends R & D on the Clean… Continue reading

Holy Sh…Sushirrito

  A few days ago my work friend A took me on a field trip to Mouth Heaven. She introduced me to: The Sushirrito. I really like A — she reminds me of… Continue reading